A Weekly List of Links and Resources for Pastors

Each Monday I’ll list some links that are related to pastoral work. Almost everyone reads Tim Challies’ blog, so I will do my best not to duplicate anything that he links to. If you see something you like, be sure to send it to your Evernote file.

A lot of us come from church backgrounds where our worship services are more “free-form” compared to liturgical churches. How we order our services is often more a matter of pragmatism than anything. Here’s a worthwhile article that asks about the connection between our theology and our worship. And here’s another article from the Southern Baptist newsletter that deals with the same subject.

Do your prayers match your Big-God preaching? That’s the question that this article asks. Challenging!!

One of the things always I wanted to do but never got to was have our church sponsor a series of workshops for pastors on the subject of “Pastors and Church History.” A lot of us grew up in, or have served, churches that have little connection to the past. I think we miss something without a sense of heritage. This is part of a series on pastors engaging with the writings of different people who have been influential in church history.

Here’s a book from Christian Focus on preaching and church revitalization. If you are in a smallish or struggling church you might want to pick it up. The publisher has a number of books on preaching, but take a look at this three-part series called Get Preaching. They all look helpful, but the last one in the Get Preaching series covers preaching to a variety of ages in the same worship service.

Small church? Small town? Discouraged? Feeling alone? This article is about one small-town pastor’s struggles and how God met him in the process.

Hopefully something here will be helpful! See you Wednesday!

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