A Weekly List of Links and Resources Especially for Pastors

Here are some articles that may be of help for you or your people.

Knowing how to deal with the decline in culture and the sharp divide between people in our country is hard. Greg Foster writes an article on swimming against the cultural tide.

Tim Challies talks about Twitter in an article from last week.

Sinclair Ferguson is so good! Here is a summary of the “exchanges” that Paul writes about in Romans.

In a couple of my posts I’ve written in passing about the benefit of knowing and reciting some of the great creeds of the Church. Adam Parker writes about this for Ligonier.

Here’s a link to a seminar on Bible application by Colin Adams.

Nancy Guthrie and John Curie discuss teaching 2 Timothy. Of course the pastoral epistles are not just for pastors, and this is worth filing away for future use.

I have enjoyed the teaching ministry of Robert Godfrey. He has several audio/video series on church history that I’ve used in our adult Sunday school classes over the years. He’s just produced this series on Deuteronomy that might be a good option for your Sunday School. Ligonier video series always come with a study guide and questions for discussion.

I have a vague recollection of seeing an article the other week that said that we touch our cell phones 6000 times a day. Maybe I added a zero to that, but even if it’s 600, that’s kind of obsessive. Here’s an article by Kevin DeYoung that is worth reading and sharing with your people. You know our culture has a problem when you watch a baseball game and half the people in the stands are checking their phones.

The folks at 9Marks have this article: Two Kinds of Sermons That Seem Expositional But Really Aren’t.

Enjoy the beginning of your week!

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