A Weekly List of Links and Resources for Pastors

There are quite a few good articles plus some other resources that I’ve come across this week. I hope you find something worthwhile here.

I agree with the author of this article. When I was a pastor, it was nice to have Sunday nights free. I’d work in my office and set myself up for the week. But if I put my own desires aside, I have to admit that an evening service would have been spiritually beneficial to our church.

Talking with our church people about their flaws is not easy, but Dan Doriani shares a perspective that may help us have the courage to do so when we need it.

There are seasons to ministry, and this wise article encourages us to embrace them.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. I always felt a little awkward about PAM, even though the concept is certainly biblical. But it was always encouraging to be appreciated, and leaders need that. It’s a hard thing for us to talk about, but maybe this is an article that can be shared with your church.

Daryl Dash says that if you’re a pastor, you’re going to have to learn to pastor sometimes with a a broken heart. Be encouraged by this piece.

“Why did God allow . . . ?” That’s a question you’re likely to get asked. Here’s some help with talking to our people about natural disasters.

This is such a great article on making the sermon the high point of Sunday worship as well as well as being committed to real preaching.

I am so grateful for the ministry of R.C. Sproul. Probably the most memorable sermon I’ve ever heard was one on justification by faith that he preached at John MacArthur’s Shepherd’s Conference over 15 years ago. This is a video clip called When the Gospel is At Stake. Note that there are some offers for free resources!

Have a great week! See you bright and early on Wednesday morning.

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