A Weekly List of Links and Resources for Pastors

I’m a bit late today, but here are some links that are worth looking at. I hope you had a good weekend of ministry.

People in your church are hurting. Here’s one of those articles I’d put on the literature table.

Simonetta Carr, writing for Core Christianity, tells us why people ignore church history but shouldn’t.

Burk Parsons, from Ligonier Ministries, talks about the value of creeds and confessions.

Pastors burn out. Do you know the signs? Do you know what you should do when it happens? This is worth the read regardless of how you are feeling at the moment.

While most pastors are hard working and burnout can be a problem, being lazy is also a potential problem.

Here’s encouragement for those of you ministering in small towns or rural areas.

How do you find God’s will? I’ve heard and read a lot of well-meaning suggestions that, to be honest, don’t have really solid biblical root. Aimee Joseph’s article may be really helpful.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably reading Tim Challies’ blog. Here is his review of a new book for preachers.

“We’re giving up Wednesday night services. We’re giving up Sunday night services. We’re shortening the preaching on Sunday morning. Is it any wonder that our churches are so weak?” Steve Lawson talks about the importance of preaching in this short video.

Tim Challies provides a service for believers by giving us a list of Kindle books on sale almost every day. Thanks, Tim! One of the books he linked to this morning is a must read for you as a pastor, and if you can find a way to get How to Walk into Church into the hands of your people, your church will be better for it. It’s 99 cents for you today. Don’t hesitate.

Have a great week. I hope to see you Wednesday.

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