We’re all getting used to a different way of life. One of the man topics of conversation around the dinner table and when I take people to doctor appointments (many of which have been cancelled) is how life is different. You hear stories on the news of people sharing, and then there are accounts of people doing really dumb things. But for the next several months this is going to be the way life is.

There are nearly 80 people regularly following this blog. Others may drop by from time to time. I appreciate everyone who stops in. Thank you.

On Monday, instead of providing the normal links to articles that I have found of value on other blogs, I wrote about the opportunity that pastors have to scale back a bit. While our work goes on, there are many things that we can’t do. I hope you are finding your way through what pastoral work looks like for these next weeks and months.

On Wednesday I shared some ideas about how pastors can continue to minister when we can’t be gathering. It occurred to me that Paul, who had a pastoral relationship with many churches, was able to continue to minister through his correspondence. I am sure he would have preferred to talk to his people in person, but his letters certainly had an impact. Don’t be afraid to adopt that style.

One additional thought that I should have included on Wednesday pertains to your missionaries. Be sure you are in communication with them during this time. Keep them informed about what’s happening where you live, but find out what life is like for them too and pass that on to your church.

This coming Monday I’ll share some links as usual. I’m not going to put up a normal column today. However, I would like to point I you to Ligonier Ministries’ website. I received an email yesterday that said that all of their teaching series are now available to stream for free. You can download the Ligonier app at the Apple App Store. I assume there is something similar available for Android phones. This is a great resource for you and your people, with over 2500 messages available.

Have a great weekend. I trust that God will continue his work through you as we go through this period of uncertainty.

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