Because I gave last Monday to something other than the normal links to helpful articles, I have quite a collection of good stuff that I want to share before too long. I’m working on a post for Friday that I hope will be some encouragement to you as you pastor through this pandemic period.

You may have men in serve in non-staff positions of leadership and have the opportunity to preach on occasion. Tony Merritt, Jr. has an article that will be helpful for them, and probably for everyone who preaches.

Many people struggle with anxiety and depression, and pastors are not exempt. Scott Sauls shares his experience and some help.

Every church is probably struggling – or will struggle – with keeping ministry going. Phil Newton addresses some help for those who are pastoring small churches.

Jared Wilson talks about what the coronavirus deliberations reveal about the way we look at the church.

Tim Patrick has a podcast on planning sermon series. Hopefully you do advance planning, and his will be helpful.

This is something for your family: Lifehacker, a productivity site, gives information on how you can tour 500+ museums and galleries from your own sofa.

Most pastors have already decided how to deal with whether or not to hold worship services in light of the Covid-19 situation. However, some may face some pushback by well-meaning people. Ronnie Martin has some encouragement and counsel for you.

David Prince writes about how Martin Luther wrote about how Christians respond to a time like we’re experiencing.

The ever-prolific Tim Challies asks the question, “Should Christians ‘Self Care?’ He answers yes, and you should read why.

Barry York talks about “The Back Side of Preaching.” Provocative title, helpful article.

Do you have new believers in your church who need instruction on how to pray? Here is a helpful discussion by Sam Emadi.

I find that people are cautious about the coronavirus situation, and I haven’t come across people who seem to be overcome with fear. But people have questions and different people respond in different ways. Dane Ortland writes about what we should remember during this time.

Stephen Kneale talks about the expectations people have when they change churches, and tells us that they often are not fulfilled.

I did this, and because of a fantastic congregation it worked well. But going from Associate Pastor to the Senior Pastor in the same church can be a challenge. Jason Helopoulos gives us some help.

People in churches can have some really weird ideas. Katie McCoy tells us about one that seems to be making slow inroads into “Christian” thinking.

Here’s one to share with your missionaries. Support raising is not easy. Encourage them with this article by Michelle Dein.

This article is for pastors and their people. If you want to be sure that your kids WILL walk away from church, here’s how to do it, thanks to Sam Storms.

That does it for this week, except I’d like to make one request: If you know of another pastor, especially a younger pastor, would you be willing to share this blog with them and encourage them to sign up to get the blog post or be notified when I post something? Thanks much!!

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