You have to admire a guy like Tim Challies. By the end of this week he will have posted original content for 6000 consecutive days. No breaks. No stoppages. Just churning out something every day. And on top of that his stuff is all worthwhile.

I started this blog near the end of June. This is my 118th post. Hardly Challies-esque. But I’ve enjoyed what I do – posting a list of helpful links on Monday and then putting up original content on Wednesday and Friday. However, I’m going to press that little yellow button in the picture above. I began to write on two different topics today and in both cases I though, “I want to spend more time on this.”

So I will tip my hat to the Cal Ripken, Jr.* of Christian blogs, thank you for reading my stuff, and tell you that I’ll be back on Monday with another set of links and then hopefully have some new posts beginning Wednesday.

In the meantime, be safe. We’re all preparing for hard times over these next weeks. Keep in touch with your people – especially those who are living alone or can’t get out. When this is over, we will no doubt find ways in which God has used this to bring people to Christ. He always does that and this will be no different than any other time of crisis. Pray for that.

Oh, and wash your hands and practice social distancing. See you Monday!

*For you non-baseball fans, Cal Ripken, Jr. holds the record for the most consecutive games played in Major League Baseball. His record of 2,632 games doesn’t hold a candle to Challies’ mark. 🙂

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