I trust you had a good weekend. Here in eastern Pennsylvania the pandemic is still not over. I doubt that we’re close to the point where we can begin to see churches open again. That may be another 6-8 weeks away. We watched our own pastor yesterday morning, and he’s a natural in front of the camera. Ben, if you read this, maybe you should have your own show.😃

I didn’t post on Friday because I had nothing polished enough to post. I’ve got a few ideas that are still marinating, but every time I try to put them down in writing I’m not happy with how it turns out. So excuse my absence. I do believe the Christian blog community will survive! Another 😃.

Before I list the links to articles that I believe are worth your while, let me recommend Dane Ortlund’s book Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers. You can get the Kindle version for $8. I’m in the process of reading it and the short chapters make it a good tool for your devotions.

Here are some articles and resources that I hope you will find helpful:

Here’s a conversation with Dean Inserra on preventing moral failure. There have been enough stories in the press about this, and some of us have seen the disaster moral failure creates in lives and in churches.

In 2014 Garrett Kell wrote about The Pastor’s Second Most Important Book. Guess what it is.

Eschatology seems to be relegated to the fringes of “evangelicalism” but Michael Kruger argues that we need it more than ever.

Jason Allen talks about God’s gifting of pastors to preach and teach. Well worth reading.

Here’s a brief video by H.B. Charles on benedictions. I wish more churches used them.

David Prince writes about making sure your church misses the things it ought to miss. Part one is here, part two is here.

You can’t care for every issue that comes up. H.B. Charles writes about not trying to put out every brush fire. This is must reading!

Here’s one for you guys involved in student ministry. Sam Bierig talks about the Most Important Ingredient in Student Ministry.

H.B. Charles makes his third appearance on this list with a discussion of why expository preaching is so important.

This provocative title – “Saving Hermeneutics from Its Interpreters” is a podcast worth listening to. Thanks to the folks at Credo!

And with that I’ll bid you a good day! I hope to have something new on Wednesday. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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