I came across so many good articles this week that I decided to break them up into two groups. Yesterday I posted links primarily related to dealing with the coronavirus. The following list covers more generalized topics, including a few you could share.

When we suffer, we like to find the reason behind our suffering. Ed Welch talks about this and suggests that maybe we ought to think differently.

How many kids have come through 13 years of school only to miss their graduation day. For some, the ceremony doesn’t matter, but for others it is a loss. Here’s an article to share with your graduates.

Tim Willard has a helpful article on lessons learned from sourdough bread. Really. A good read!

Tim Challies writes a must-read, “What Is the Attractional Church,” and draws on some great material by Jared Wilson.

The International Journal of Reformed Theology and Life has a subscription offer and makes past issues available.

Nathan Bingham asks and answers some questions about whether we should design our services for believers or unbelievers.

Lilly Park presents “5 Common Mistakes When Counseling Others.”

Here’s a great piece on preaching in an age of distraction.

Scott Sauls writes about “Leaders and Loneliness.”

Here’s a helpful article by scholar Darrell Bock on the doctrine of Christ’s Ascension.

Christina Fox reflects on lamenting during this pandemic.

I hope something here will be helpful to you to someone in your congregation! See you Friday.

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