Here are hopefully helpful links for this week:

There are a couple of articles on planning preaching. Here’s one from 9Marks on why you should plan to preach through 2 Timothy. Tim Patrick and Andrew Reid write about planning a preaching schedule for the long term.

Recent events have certainly caused many people to be fearful. This article talks about how God calms us in times of fear. Share this with your people.

Different trends in society and theology may make us want to add to or change our church doctrinal statement. Jeff Robinson offers helpful advice here.

Many people struggle with the daily habit of Bible reading. This is one for your literature rack.

Oh, and did you know prayer comes hard for some people? Another one for the literature rack.

The Psalms have been such a comfort to so many through the years. This article tells us why we need the Psalms more than ever.

Paul Tripp has a new book on the subtext of leadership. Head on over to Amazon and check it out.

Most of the pastors I’ve met have embodied the quality of gentleness. But here’s why it’s so important.

I hope to see you sometime this week. Thanks for stopping in!

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