I have an extensive collection of articles that I have saved in Evernote for the last decade or so. I was going through them the other day and saw so many that were worth bringing to light again. Like the Tools of the Trade articles that I link to on Mondays, some are for sharing and some are directed at pastors.

Have you ever been taught how to listen to a sermon? With the enormous amount of info that our people take in each week, it would seem that maximizing their ability to listen to, and process, a sermon would be a great idea. Here are some articles to share with them. Not only that, perhaps these articles will help you with how you preach.

Dave Jenkins: 3 Keys to Listening During Sermons.

Crosway Publishers: 8 Tips for Taking Good Sermon Notes.

Here are a couple of articles for younger preachers. And older preachers too.

Michael Kruger: Note to Aspiring Preachers: Here are Seven Key Pitfalls to Avoid.

Scott Slayton: How Sporadic Church Attendance Affects Preaching.

Thabite Anyawile: Bits and Pieces for Young Ministers: Discipleship, Rest, and Reading.

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