I know it’s Saturday, but we’ll pretend, ok?

Yesterday was my last day driving for the retirement communities. Among the men and women I drove to doctor appointments were former missionaries, former pastors, and godly saints who were still faithfully following their Savior. I took time this week to say goodbye where COVID restrictions permitted me to do so. I’ll start my new position as part-time Assistant Pastor at a fine church here in the Lehigh Valley on Monday.

Tim Smith, who is the pastor of a church near where I used to serve, suggested that I post a description of how I use Evernote for tracking all of these articles that I link to. I’ll do that mid-week. Thanks, Tim, for the idea.

Here are five articles from the vaults, with the year they were first published in parentheses. Since blog posts pass by our attention and tend to fade into obscurity pretty fast, I thought it might be helpful to resurrect some helpful posts I’ve encountered along the way.

Trevin Wax writes about the need for churches to honor their missionaries. There’s some really good stuff in this article. (2011)

Here’s a provocative article by Brandon Levering on why established churches should think like church plans. (2011)

These two articles are good for guys in Bible College or Seminary, and they are equally helpful for you young guys. And us older guys.

How Seminarians Can Learn to Preach to Normal People, Part 1 (2011)

How Seminarians Can Learn to Preach to Normal People, Part 2 (2011)

Do you have guys in your family, pool of friends, or church who, uh, need to grow up? Kevin DeYoung asks, “Dude, Where’s Your Bride?” (2011)

There we go! I’ll have my usual links on Monday and hopefully a description of how I use Evernote sometime mid-week!

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