On Wednesday I’m planning to describe how I’ve set up Evernote to retain articles like the ones I share on Mondays and Fridays, as well as how you can organize them to enable searching.

Here are links to worthwhile reading for this week:

Sometimes believers enjoy God’s gifts too much. However, there are those who fall on the other side as well. Here’s a helpful article on how to respond to the good things God brings our way.

Mack Stiles, a church planter in the Middle East, asks and answers “What Could Be Wrong with ‘Church Planting’” He writes about six dangers in a missions strategy.

Tom Rainer suggests how churches will be different at this point in 2021.

Greg Morse asks “Will Your Life Count When You’re Gone?”

This is an important article. I think we often assume that our people understand the Bible, but you may be surprised at the number of people who don’t. And that may explain why they don’t read it.

There have been some really good articles written about the Psalms, which seem to be enjoying a bit of a comeback, if that’s even a proper way to phrase it. Here’s one of them.

Brett McCracken asks “Are Churches Losing the Battle to Form Christians?”

Jonathan Leeman and Ray Ortlund talk together about what pastors need to remember when things are going well and when they are not. You know both of those kinds of times, don’t you?

Dave Harvey writes an outstanding article on “What To Do After You Preach.” You younger guys especially will be helped by reading what ate expect/look out for – and it’s not always “Pastor, thank you for that wonderful sermon.” Did you know that?

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