A day late, with apologies. Here are some articles that you will find helpful in your ministry:

Here are some interesting reflections by Darron Norwood about What the Pandemic Taught me About My Preaching Preferences.

Lara d’Entremont stares some insights about The Wisdom in Restraining Our Lips. A timely meditation.

Joseph Lanier, at For the Church has some helps for preaching through the book of Micah.

Kevin DeYoung asks and answers Should I Preach Without Notes? Some guys can do this. I’ll confess that I can’t.

Jeremy Meeks, David Helm, and K. Edward Copeland have an under 25 minute podcast on Discerning the Structure of a Biblical Text.

When Satan is in the Church is a great reminder from Nicholas Batzig that Satan’s not just hanging out with drug dealers and terrorists. A must read.

There you go! Have a great week of ministry. The list is not that long today, but there’s some really good reading and listening.

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