I have a LOT of good stuff this week. Some things to share with your people and some things to share with other leaders and some things to help you in your own ministry. Read on . . .

Here’s an article that every preacher needs to read. We have probably all been tempted to skip hard passages or subjects in the text. This is good counsel.

The folks at Ligonier have some helpful remarks on how we should be studying the Bible together and how we can prevent it from being unhelpful.

Peter Mead has some advice about using illustrations. Part 1 is here. Part two is here.

On Wednesday the US will witness the inauguration of Joe Biden as our President. It has been a contentious year with COVID and politics, and that contention has not evaded the church. Rene DeAnda tells us about pastors and praying for our new President. In this article Jesse Johnson counsels us on how to pray for our leaders.

Kevin DeYoung writes too infrequently in my opinion. This article, titled “Come Let Us Reason Together” might be one of those you deliberately pass on to your whole congregation.

This article, in Christianity Today, tells us about where people who follow Jesus are suffering. Let me encourage you to get a list of 10-12 nations where this is happening and publicly pray for one each week.

Here’s a review of Sinclair Ferguson’s book “Devoted to God’s Church.” It’s on my list of books to get and looks very worthwhile.

We’ve recently been intentionally involving members of our church in caring for others. I’ll write about that sometime, but here are three ideas on how this can be done.

Here are some things to share with a discouraged brother or sister in Christ. Maybe you will find it helpful yourself!

Well, this one may raise some hackles, but it’s a necessary topic to consider. Jake Meador writes “Defining ‘White Evangelical Crap’”

The folks at Facts and Trends write about “The Crippling Disease of Ministry Comparison.”

Jared Wilson says: “I am convinced that too many evangelical churches in the United States are overly fixated on bigness, excitement, and individualistic improvement, and that we don’t often realize it because we can often achieve a kind of success focusing on those things that give the impression we are on the right track.” Then he encourages us to reevaluate our church’s values.

Finally, here’s an article to share with your small group leaders.

Have a great week!

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