It’s been two weeks and I need to be more current. To those of you who read regularly, I apologize. I will try to be more consistent.

I’ve got two or three days worth of articles to share with you, so let me get a list out now and then try to do another in a few days.

I’m going to be starting an online series on 1 & 2 Peter next week and saw this 10 day devotional that I’ll share with our folks. But you may want to share it with your’s.

This is a great article on creeds and confessions. Your church may look sideways at things like this, but they are great teaching tools!

Cindy Matson asks a very important question: Are You Living as A Citizen of Heaven? Good reading for pastors and something to share with the congregation.

I think I have a number of Peter Mead’s articles to share. Here’s one about sermon outlines.

What is the impact of Bible reading in the lives of your people? Here are some states that may make your jaw drop a bit.

What is the role of the Pastor when the news is filled with significant events? This certainly has been one of those years, and 2021 seems to be continuing that trend. Michael Niebauer has some helpful counsel. On the same general subject is this article by Chris Colquitt.

Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever sat down recently to talk about the pastor’s responsibility to prepare his people for eternity. It’s a 24 minute listen.

Everyone is talking about unity. Nick Batzig challenges us to biblical unity. This is one of those “share this with the congregation” articles. And along those same lines is this article by Ryhne Putnam.

Peter Adam has an interesting article about Training Preachers in the Local Church.

Thom Rainer released a book in the early fall this past year called “The Post Quarantine Church.” I read the book about two weeks ago and found it largely helpful, especially those sections that talk about the continued use of technology. Allen Duty, who reviewed it, said what I would say, only much better: “Consultants are paid to come into an organization from the outside and point out things that may not be obvious to those on the inside. They are paid, essentially, to ask good questions. Not every question raised by Rainer will be relevant to your church. But many of them will be and answering those questions will help you minister more faithfully in the next season. And I think that’s worth a few bucks.”

Tim Reigle, who leads our music at Calvary, is also involved in ministry to guys struggling with porn. It’s a blog that’s worth following. He wrote a solid article here that will be of help to pastors who counsel in this area.

I hope that you find some helpful information and some ideas that will challenge you in these articles. I’ll do my best to share some more with you by the weekend.

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