I continue to collect some really useful articles, and will share some with you now and then the rest next week. This set deals with topics that you might find helpful to share with your people – as well as yourself!

Mike Emlet, Dean of the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) provides “An Open Letter to a Sinner.” This is directed at someone who is struggling and on the verge of turning away. Make sure you save this one.

Peter Mead shares some helpful reminders on the need for endurance.

We’ve all been in small groups where the questions just seem to get no response. Leading a group like that is tough, but the problem may often be with the questions. Here’s a helpful article on what makes a good small group study question.

Hey Pastor! Take a look around. Do you see order in your workspace/office or does it look like you’re collecting piles? This article, from a secular source, may be of help. (Tip – Don’t hand it to your wife and say, “Here Honey, I thought you should read this!”)

Tim Challies, who along with his wife has borne up with such dignity and grace after the sudden loss of their college-age son a few months ago, talks about tears in Heaven.

Here in the United States, and perhaps elsewhere, children as young as first grade are being taught that deviant sexual choices and behavior are to be accepted – no more than that – they are to be embraced. Who is teaching the kids of your church about sex?

Pastors of all ages, but especially you younger guys, PLEASE read this! Please!

I have some great articles on pastoral work, leadership, and preaching to share at the beginning of the week. I’m aiming for Monday, but it may be Tuesday. Have a great weekend!


  1. I recently removed your blog from my bookmarks. You post irregularly and demonstrate a loss of interest. Maybe you are extremely busy. There are probably good reasons. But it’s clear that you are no longer engaged with much enthusiasm. No hate here. Just my thoughts on why I am not continuing to follow. Thanks.


    1. Hi James! I appreciate your comment. I began this blog after I had retired from ministry and I was working part-time driving seniors to doctor appointments. I had a lot of time sitting in a van, and was able to do multiple posts each week. In late August I returned to ministry, and though it is part-time, it’s not part-time, if you know what I mean. As a new staff member I have been getting acclimated to my new role. I have tried to post weekly but sometimes that’s been a stretch. So it’s not a matter of a loss of interest, just a change of life circumstances.

      You say that you’ve removed my blog from your bookmark, so I am assuming you are using a browser. While I am not going to suggest that my blog is essential reading, I do think it can be helpful. There are writers I’ve followed for years who have gone from writing almost daily to writing once a month. I use an RSS aggregator rather than my web browser, and that keeps me from having to check manually on each site I follow. If you’re already doing this, I’m not trying to be condescending. I would encourage you to find a good free RSS aggregator regardless of which blogs you follow.

      Things are settling down, new projects are about to be launched, and I hope to have more time to write. For Younger Pastors may be something that God has used marginally in comparison to other blogs, but for me it was a lifeline at a very difficult period in my life. Having gone through that, I have no intention of letting the blog slip, but it has had to take a back seat for these last few months.

      Thanks for your honesty, and I hope you’ll hang in there. I do have some plans for writing my own pieces, and again, the articles I share are often really helpful. God bless you in your ministry!!


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