It’s Five From the Files Friday!

I use Evernote as a repository for articles that I want to hold on to. I’ve often searched through the 1000+ blog posts and web articles I’ve saved and found information that I needed. I’d recommend you do the same. Evernote has several tiers of service, but I’ve found that the free version is fine for my needs.

The other week I was looking through the articles I’ve saved and realized that there is a wealth of “old stuff” that people following this blog may not have read. Hence It’s Five From the Files Friday. Like the Tools of the Trade articles that I link to on Mondays, some are for sharing and some are directed at pastors. Enjoy!

There is nothing wrong with larger churches, but there are some real advantages being small(er). Carl Trueman brilliantly reminds us of the realities of “life together.” (August 2010)

Ed Welch helps us help others with this article called “I can help you . . . in six words.” (Sept, 2010)

How do you understand the whole issue of Christians, demons, and exorcism. I’ve known people who have gone off the deep end. Al Mohler brings some sanity to this discussion. (November, 2010)

This is an article I hope you never have to use, but if you have to deal with a victim of sexual assault, this may make the difference between helping and (unwittingly) hurting. (July 2011)

Finally, here is an article on doing youth ministry in such a way that it is a benefit to the entire church. (Aug, 2011)

Have a great weekend!

Five From the Files

I have an extensive collection of articles that I have saved in Evernote for the last decade or so. I was going through them the other day and saw so many that were worth bringing to light again. Like the Tools of the Trade articles that I link to on Mondays, some are for sharing and some are directed at pastors.

Have you ever been taught how to listen to a sermon? With the enormous amount of info that our people take in each week, it would seem that maximizing their ability to listen to, and process, a sermon would be a great idea. Here are some articles to share with them. Not only that, perhaps these articles will help you with how you preach.

Dave Jenkins: 3 Keys to Listening During Sermons.

Crosway Publishers: 8 Tips for Taking Good Sermon Notes.

Here are a couple of articles for younger preachers. And older preachers too.

Michael Kruger: Note to Aspiring Preachers: Here are Seven Key Pitfalls to Avoid.

Scott Slayton: How Sporadic Church Attendance Affects Preaching.

Thabite Anyawile: Bits and Pieces for Young Ministers: Discipleship, Rest, and Reading.